Happy Ox Year 16 Days of Shows

Yippi will bring you an exciting Spring Festival program titled “Happy Ox Year, 16 Days of Shows”! Sixteen days in a row!! 8:30 pm (GMT +8) every night! Let’s have a fun time together with Yippi!
Crystal - “Beautiful” CNY Global Exclusive Online Concert

YIPPI ID: crystaljingg
12 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Yuan Yang Yang Album Annual Concert

YIPPI ID: tc658
13 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Wang Zheng - Sing Classic Songs on Valentine’s Day

YIPPI ID: wangzheng131
14 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Huang Xue Yuan - Listen with Your Heart EP 5

YIPPI ID: xinlingting
15 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Zeng Ai Jia - Celebrate Ox Year with Little Teresa

YIPPI ID: aijia22
16 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Zhong Hui Ye - Listen with Your Heart EP 6

YIPPI ID: xinlingting

17 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Take the Bull by the Horns with Li Jian‘s Love Evening Party

YIPPI ID: lijian6688

Eastern Jukebox - Lunar New Year's concert!

YIPPI ID: jaychia
18 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Hu Yun Peng - Starry Night on Clouds Lunar New Year's Party

YIPPI ID: huyunpeng66
19 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Jamie & Beauty Yeng - Origin of Lunar New Year's Songs

YIPPI ID: beautyeng
20 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Age of Water and Wood - Back to the Good Old Times with You

YIPPI ID: shuimunianhua
21 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Tan Boon Hoe - Listen with Your Heart EP 7

YIPPI ID: xinlingting
22 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Ribbon - Yippi Year of OX

YIPPI ID: ribbon829
23 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Masyitah Masya - Listen with Your Heart EP 8

YIPPI ID: xinglingting
24 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Ruo Shui - The Story of Lantern Festival & the Origin of Lunar New Year’s Culture

YIPPI ID: zxh1457
25 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Victor Wong - I Just Want to Be with You on my Birthday Global Exclusive Online Concert

YIPPI ID: victorpinguan226
26 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)

Claire Guo - Encounter Claire Guo Global Exclusive Online Concert

YIPPI ID: claireguo
27 Feb - 8.30pm (GMT+8)