Yippi E-Shop

What is eShop?

A new e commerce feature on Yippi with extensive and diverse of region in the South East Asia country.


▸ Promoting product or services live inUser can purchase products and services with Yipps

▸ Promoting product or services live inPush notification for followers

▸ Promoting product or services live inVariety of product and services offered such as (movie ticket, concert ticket, pay for utilities etc.)

▸ Promoting product or services live inCollaborate with specific social influencer to promote your product.

▸ Promoting product or services live inPromoting product or services live in Yippi

Business Account Registration Process

  • 1

    Download & Register Yippi

    If you are new to our app, simply download Yippi from Google Play/App store and register for an Yippi user account.

  • 2

    Register for an Business Account

    Business owner are required to select a package for Yippi business account. Then go to (link) and fill in your the required information.

  • 3

    Submit & Wait for Approval

    Once the registration form submitted, it will take 5 7 working days to approve.

  • 4

    Enjoy Selling Online in Yippi

    After your submission is approved, you can now start enjoy selling online in Yippi


Everything you need to grow your business.

Contact to our Business Development Team

Contact number: +6 016-3198907

Email: yippieshop@togalimited.com