What is Yippi?

Yippi is a unique social messaging application. It supports sending voice, video, photo and text messages, as well as unique features such as white board, beauty camera and live broadcast. You can also do group chats and secret chat. Yippi works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Symbian devices.

What can Yippi do?

With Yippi, you can chat with your friends instantly via voice messages, texts, or images. You can also create group chats to chat with up to 1000 friends together.

Is Yippi free?

It's free to download, install and use Yippi. However, you may need to pay your carrier for internet service.

Will Yippi contacts see my phone number?

No, your phone number will not be shown on Yippi.

Is there any region restriction for voice messages?

No. You can chat with friends anywhere.

What's the difference between Yippi ID and Yippi Nickname?

Yippi ID is your unique name that friends can search for to find you. Yippi ID can be changed once only. Nickname is your primary name shown to other Yippi users, and it can be changed as often as you like.

How can I find my friends?

You can search for them via their Yippi IDs/username.

How to add friends?

You can add friends by searching their user ID/username, scan their unique QR code to send a friend request. You can invite friends to join Yippi by send invite links through other apps, eg: Facebook, Whatsapp Messenger, Wechat, SMS, e-mail etc.

How to delete message history?

You can delete a single message or the entire conversation. For touch-screen mobile, just tap and hold the message or swipe to the left on the chat.

How do I know whether my message has been read by the recipient?

A small tick is shown when the message has been read by the recipient.

How to register?

You can log in to Yippi by signing up with your phone number.

How to retrieve my password?

Click "Forgot Password?" in login page and follow the instructions. 

I can't see my chat list.

Logout and login again. You should see your chat list. Logout button is in your "Setting" page.

I can't login.

Click "Forgot Password" in sign in page and follow the instructions. You can reset your password and proceed with login.


You can reset password through phone number or username. Click on the link for switching.


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