You can now send unlimited messages,
photos, and voice messages.

Yippi group chat allows you to chat with up to 1,000 friends at once.

Check out our secret messaging feature! You can now share secrets without any worries with Yippi’s exclusive feature that all messages will be automatically deleted when you end the conversation.

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Features of Yippi
Live Drawing & Chatting on Whiteboard
Bored with normal text messages? Share a whiteboard with your friends. You can draw and write anything you want and talk to your friends at the same time!
No worries, your secret is safe with me.
Invite your friend for a secret chat whenever you have a secret to tell. We promise that you won’t leave any track after you end the conversation. Same to your friends!
There is always surprise in a golden egg 金蛋有惊喜!
Whenever you feel like giving your friend a present, share them an egg with Y-Point. They can use it to shop, to travel, to redeem gifts and more!
Share life moments anytime, anywhere.
Simply switch to SOCIAL without leaving the app. Connect with your friends and share what’s on your mind!
Once you let go, it will never come back.
Some photos are meant to be private, and you don’t want it to exist forever! Send a photo in our self-destruct envelope, your friends have only one chance to see it. Once release finger, it’s gone.


We make your life easier.

Explore news, games, online shopping, e-learning, and even hotel and flight reservation features in Yippi. It’s more than just messaging!

Beauty Camera

Save the hassle of photo editing, we got you covered!

Afraid to send a selfie? Not confident for a video call? Our beauty camera makes your life easier, wonderful, and BEAUTIFUL!


Go LIVE! You only live once.

Live at the moment. Broadcast LIVE moments and share them with your YIPPI friends.

One does not simply
say no to cuteness!
Download as many stickers as you like in our sticker shop. One sticker can express more than a thousand words. It makes communication more interesting!
The more the merrier!
Group chat is now more enjoyable with group video call! With Yippi, you can engage up to 8 persons in a video call at the same time.
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