We make gaming a very important part of our business.

In Yippi, we have more than 20 games available.


Our flagship game that entertains you, at the same time rewards you with cash prize!

Here's how

Match the ducks

Score points

Crack the eggs and win cash prizes!

Find the golden duck and win up to $1,000 US Dollar!

What’s more?

Send our referral link you get from Yippi, any of your referral wins a prize, you get the same prize too.


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 Multiplayer racing game, whoever reaches the end point first gets the champion!


Here's how

Race with other online players, think of ways to overtake your opponents!

Support four players to race and have fun at the same time!

Get the skills from the treasure chests along the way

use the skills to prevent other opponents from overtaking you!



 Do you think you can shoot accurately enough to clear the coloured balls in limited moves?


Here's how

Just shoot all the balls of the same color and you will pass the stage!

Levels of game are waiting for you to challenge. Can you pass all of them with three stars?

The gameplay seems simple, but it's not so easy to pass!




 Shoot the enemies down all the way!


Here's how

Confront the enemies. Just shoot!

Power up your shooter along your way!

Play it yourself or with your buddies!




 You can fly the bird further if you are skillful and patient enough!


Here's how

Fly further, score higher!
Tap to fly, hold to fly higher, release to drop
Challenge your skill, challenge your patience!
Three backgrounds switch randomly


The duck needs the water to bath! Fill the bathtub up your way!   

Here's how

Various types of outfits for selection

Levels of difficulties to challenge your creativity!

Draw a line to guide

the water into the bathtub



Unique and addictive gameplay, who would be the farthest jumper?


Taps and holds depending the gap between platforms

Score points as high as possible to conquer the scoreboard

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