Yippi Messaging

Connect with your friends in real time


Chat with your friends in private or in groups. Yippi group chat can support up to 1,000 participants.

Secret Chat

The “Self-destruct Timer” allows you to set the time for your messages. Once the time is up, the text, voice messages, or photos you send will disappear. Leaving no trace.

Auto Translate

Don’t understand the foreign language from the person you chat with? Just use the built-in “Auto Translate” function in Yippi. And you can chat freely and smoothly with the friends who speak different languages.

Whiteboard Presentation

Bored with normal text messages? Share a whiteboard to chat with up to 5 friends. You can guess your friends’ drawing or use it for discussion. There will be more fun with whiteboard!
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Messaging can be fun and interactive

On top of basic messaging functions, Yippi messaging supports more interactive features that are available at more options.


Share media such as photos and videos to your friends


Start a whiteboard presentation with group of friends


Share files and documents from various formats


You can send Eggs containing Yipps as a present to your friends!

Secret Photo

Becareful! Photo sent will disappear in 5s


Have you played rock, paper, scissors before? Here we have our own version.


You can share your location to chat