Star of the day

The Yippi live stream feature is continuously updated to give users a better experience. And the mechanism of Star of the Day, Live PK also strives for excellence, providing a more exciting platform for live streamers. Today, we will highlight the updates on live stream user interface and the Star of the Day Live PK.

How to use Yellow Bean

Starting from June, users do not have to apply for live streaming by selecting time slots on the Yellow Bean interface. The existing Yellow Bean interface will display the history of using Yellow Bean and application of posting at Hot Tab.

Users can directly decide whether they want to use Yellow Bean to do live stream right before starting the live stream to participate in the ``Star of the Day`` Live PK so that the users can easily see your live stream in the Live Hot Tab.

Once you start live streaming with Yellow Bean, the one-hour countdown will be displayed at the top of the live stream room interface. The live streamers are able to monitor their time easily to fully utilize their live stream session.

Users should note that during the Golden Hours which are from 7 to 10pm (as long as overlap with the Golden Hours is counted), the number of Yellow Bean required to apply for the live stream under the Hot Tab is 3 Yellow Beans. At other times, 1 Yellow Bean is required.

If the user has applied for the live stream with the Yellow Bean, the system will remind the user whether to extend the live stream at the end of the session. The user can directly use the Yellow Bean to extend the live stream session, so that the live stream will not be interrupted.

Step-by-step guide

Scoring method of Star of the Day

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