The human energy field is very similar to “Chi” as mentioned in Chinese Traditional Medicine. Everyone has “Chi” and an “Energy Field” surrounding and within their body, comprised of different frequencies and different vibrations.
The Cellular Magnetic Field
The eight systems of human physiology are comprised of the corresponding organs, tissues and cells.
As the basic unit in the human body, the cell is also comprised of molecules and atoms. Therefore, the cell function is related to the overall balance of the magnetic field energy of the molecules and atoms.
When the cells magnetic field experiences disorder, the cells overall energy field will be effected, decreasing cellular function. As a result, the human body will experience a so-called sub-health state.

The Importance of  Water to the Human Body
Along with the frequency, magnetic field and energy, water is composed of molecules and atoms. Water is a vital nutrient to the life of every cell, acts first as a building material. The nutrition and disease treating medicines that our bodies use as food and medicines are transported by water in the bloodstream. Water also plays an important role in remove waste and toxin from body.

Micro-Molecular Group Water
The structural micro-molecular water and high-energy hydrated foods created by the Eostrewave App can rapidly activate the magnetic field energy system after entering the human body. This can assist the natural healing process of the body, allowing it to be adjusted back to an optimal state.

The Wave Acoustic Wave
Music therapy not only plays a positive role in the human body, but it can also promote healthy animals, plants and cells.
The acoustic wave of the Eostrewave App produces a “co-frequency resonance” with human organs, tissues and cells. Thus the ordered vibration and activity of cells will be significantly increased.
Bio Connective Resonance Technology
The main tasks of the Eostrewave are to rapidly activate the cellular energy and overall energy activity of the human body, which will directly assist in the natural wellness process.

Recent Test Results
Rupert Sheldrake postulated that every living thing is surrounded by a field of energy and information that directly affects the underlying biological entity. This field is known as the Morphic Field.

The WAVE works through the delivery of specific frequencies and vibrational structures via sound waves and light photons.

Gas Discharge Visualization
Research conducted by Professor Konstantin Korotkov, Ph.D. in Russia demonstrated that 9 out of 10 people exposed to the Eostrewave had a reduction in levels of stress and 10 out of 10 people showed an increase in the area of their energy field as measured by the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) machine, which is certified as a medical diagnostic device in Russia. 

In a series of exploratory experiments, the influence of Wave application was tested on water, sprouts and humans.


In all tests statistically significant effect was found.


The Wave application may have significant positive effect on water and biological subjects.

Professor Konstatin Korotkov

(The following is from DR RUBIK'S report)

Report on Preliminary Study on Morphic Body App: Effects on Heart Rate Variability.

This was a preliminary study only to look for an effect on heart rate variability (HRV) from the App; to calculate an effect size; and to determine the appropriate size of a clinical study. Eight healthy subjects, male and female, 30-74 years old, were studied pre-post 5-minute treatment with the App at a laboratory in Emeryville, California.

HRV was measured for 5 minutes in triplicate pre-post intervention using finger plethysmography and a medically approved HRV measurement device. The following parameters were analyzed: heart rate (HR); standard deviation node-to-node (SDNN); root mean square sequential difference (RMSSD); and low frequency-to-high frequency ratio (LF/HF).

Results show a trend in SDNN (p=0.051) and RMSSD (p=0.065) using t-tests. There were increases in these parameters following the intervention (SDNN, 31%; RMSSD, 44%). However, these values do not take into account placebo effects, which are estimated to be 15% from previous studies on subtle energy apps using HRV measurements of these same parameters.

Inventor: Gregory Becker


Gregory Becker is Managing Director of 2Vibrant Private Limited of Singapore.

Gregory spent over 30 years perfecting his abilities as a filmmaker and storyteller while 
running the film and video production company that he owned, Emaginate Incorporated of San Francisco California. It was during this time that he cultivated a strong interest in metaphysics and spiritual learning. He worked with a number of Native American healers and medicine men to expand his understanding of the natural native connection to the universe. Also during this time, he became a member of the Hari Krishas for a short period in order to expand his knowledge of how different cultures processed their spiritual knowledge. 
In 2009, Gregory Co-Produced and Directed the documentary film “The Living Matrix” which introduced him to a wide variety of cutting-edge scientists who are working on understanding and validating the phenomena of energetic healing. It was this experience and the experience of his own health crisis that lead Gregory to a major change in his career path and he started to apply his understanding of metaphysics with leading edge science, particularly the new breakthroughs that are occurring in quantum physics.
In 2011, Gregory teamed up with multiple scientists around the world to develop Morphic Pulse Technology. After five years of development, the technology has improved as a number of technical hurdles were overcome and the effectiveness of the Morphic Pulse Technology was intensified.
Gregory has pursued additional independent research into resonance vibrational energies and has developed a new technique that allows for the capture and re-production of natural energetic essences. This technique captures the fundamental resonant vibration of a substance and allows for that essence to be reproduced as needed. This breakthrough technology can radically enhance natural substances and products, bringing them to a new level of efficacy.
Gregory has formed a new company, 2Vibrant Private Limited, specifically to bring to the world products that are based upon his most recent findings on the abilities of resonance vibration to impact the human body.

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