Weight Loss


How it works

Weight loss, in the context of health, and/or physical fitness, is the reduction of the total body mass, due to a mean loss of fluid, body fat due effective metabolism.

When there is a imbalance in these metabolism, there is tendency for the reduction of this activity and hence possible obesity.

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism can affect many functions inside your body. It is the process by which your body converts the food consumed into nutrients that are required for functioning of body cells. Metabolism also affects your weight loss process. Better metabolism results in better weight loss. It also keeps you active and makes you feel better.

Increase your metabolism with help from the power of resonance to help improve your digestion efficiency and lose weight naturally!
This app broadcasts specific information of supplements scientifically proven to aid weight loss by regulating appetite and speeding up the metabolism.

What to expect with Weight Loss?

Our weight loss program designed using TOGA’s Resonance Technology (T-RT) will help you:

• Regulate your appetite to be more active, and will help you steadily lose weight over time.

• Regulate your metabolic rate - to make sure your digestive system is processing food efficiently at all times, whether you are asleep or awake, and especially just after eating a heavy meal.


Suppresses Appetite
Intercepts Absorption
Supports Weight Loss
Improved Digestion
Supports Fat Burning
Speeds Up Metabolism

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