Yippi is Comi's super pet. Although Yippi looks clumsy, it is a super pet!
Yippi has a keen sense of technology with its unusual insights towards tech.


Comi is a little chubby girl with pink hair. She has a little yellow duck super pet named Yippi.
Comi has a sweet tooth and causing her tooth fell off.
Still, this doesn't stop her from laughing!
She likes to make new friends and share the fun stories of Yippi with them.
Comi exudes positive energy and joy every day. Wherever this bubbly girl is, there is never a dull moment!


T-Bao is a clever little boy. He is the brain of the group. There is nothing that T-Bao could not solve.
He likes reading and playing musical instruments. Due to his fear of cold, he insists on wearing a panda suit wherever he goes.


Jumpy is a little penguin who loves to dance and jump around whenever he hears the music!
He feels that he is born to be a star. He is a little penguin who is very popular wherever he goes.


Roty is a naughty rabbit. He loves to prank his friends all day. But, whenever his friends need help, he will immediately lend a helping hand! He is a yellow rabbit that likes to swim and travel around.


Puloo is a little pink elf from the city of the sky.
Due to the fear of water shortage, she keeps carrying a water bottle around. Her bubbly character loves to smirk, but Puloo loves all creatures on Earth.

Hungry Bear

Hungry Bear is a strong white bear. He is a food lover. As long as he gets his stomach full, he will be happy all day!
He likes to talk and chat, he doesn't like being quiet.
Once he opens his mouth to talk, he will talk non-stop.
At times, he is afraid that people finds him annoying!
But, he just loves to talk! So, he joined customer service to solve problems! He is very happy to chat with everyone!

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