YippiTV Global Live Draw

Interesting live show with lots of attractive prizes worth up to USD 500,000 to be won! Here it is! Join now and stand a chance to win!

How to join?

Ger the 1st lucky number (Limited to one time)

How to Increase the chances of winning?

To win prizes, you’ve to use the right methods! Check it out here! This video contains all the steps to get extra lucky numbers to participate in the ``YippiTV Global Live Draw” to win attractive prizes!

How to complete YOUWINIWIN?

Invite family & friends by sharing your referral link, and make sure they complete ``VERIFY IDENTITY``. If they win the prizes, you win the prizes too. (Unlimited times)

How to win prizes during live?

  • 1

    Watch live on Facebook: YippiTV or Yippi App: YippiTV

  • 2

    Our host will draw 15 lucky numbers

  • 3

    If your lucky number appears on the screen, wait for the video call from account: yippitv1, yippitv2, yippitv3, yippitv4, and yippitv5.

  • 4

    Upon answering the call, pick a random egg number and stand a chance to win!

Do You Have Questions?

Check out the attractive prizes worth up to USD 500,000 to be won!

1st prize

USD 5,000 x1

2nd prize

USD 3,000 x1

3rd prize

USD 2,000 x1

Lucky prizes

Mobile phone worth USD 400 x10

Sponsored Prizes

TogaGo Travel Package worth USD 1,000 x2

Special prizes

350 Yipps worth USD 50 x20

Consolation Prizes

TogaGo Travel voucher worth USD 50 x30

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