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Slide Food & Beverages CLOUD NINE 3.5% Rebate Slide Product & Service GINTELL 7% Rebate Slide Entertainment REDBOX PLUS 7% Rebate Slide Product & Service EOSTRE 0.7% Rebate Slide Food & Beverage Take Eat Easy 7% Rebate Slide Food & Beverage Take Eat Easy 7% Rebate Slide Food & Beverage SYOKUDO Restaurant 7% Rebate Slide Food & Beverages Da Long Yi Hot Pot 7% Rebate

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What is YIPPS?

The Virtual Reward Points That Will Make Your Daily Life Easier

Currently, transactions using Yipps included mobile phone reloads, payment for utility bills, Topzmall’s online stores and bookings done on TogaGo for flights and accommodatios, and services rendered like Rest N Go massage chair service and Red Box entertainment facilities. Yipps can also be used to tip Yippi Moment, live streaming hosts, sticker artists and sticker sets produced by them for Yippi. There are plans to expand the usage of Yipps, so stay tuned.


YIPPS Usages

Get more Yipps when you pay your bills with Yipps!

- Pay monthly utility bills with the Yipps anytime anywhere

- Top-up mobile credit across almost every telecommunication brands.

- TogaGo for accomodations and activities, and services rendered like Rest N Go massage chair service and Red Box entertainment facilites

Where & how to earn Yipps?

You can earn Yipps through various ways inside and outside Yippi app!

It's FREE !

Download and enjoy all the Rebate today!


All you want to know about Yipps Wanted

1. What is Yipps Wanted?

Yipps Wanted is a platform where you could order all your favorite products & services, ordering through the platform allows you to obtain Yipps Rebates from the merchants!

2. What are Yipps?

Yipps are the Virtual Reward Points within Yippi ecosystem, which can be used to offset utility bills, redeem mobile topup, hotel booking, e-commerce shopping and many more


3. How to get Yipps?

Is very easy! Just simply show your unique QR code to Yipps Wanted merchant for scanning upon making payment to receive the Yipps Rebates!

For online order, after payment simply screenshot your QR code and send to the respective merchants’ and they will proceed the scanning accordingly.

User unique QR code refreshes every 15 minutes

Step 1 – Click on the Yipps Wanted logo

Step 2 – On the Yipps Wallet Page, simply click on the QR code for scanning!

4. How do I order through Yipps Wanted platform?

Simply scroll through and click on the list of Yipps Wanted merchants, in it will display the business info, menu and ongoing promotions. Once you are ready to order, simply click on the icon “Order Now” to begin.


5. How do I view my Yipps amount/ transaction?

Simply click on the Yipps Wanted logo to view your Yipps wallet balance

Click on the amount to view detailed info of your Yipps balance

Click on the “History” to view the list of transaction made

6. How do I transfer or receive Yipps to my friends and family?

Simply click on your wallet, click on either the “Transfer” or “Request” button to perform transaction.

7. How to sign up as a Yipps Wanted merchant?

You’ve made a great decision and thank you for having interest to register as Yipps Wanted merchant! Simply submit your info via the link below and our Yipps Wanted team will get in touch with you shortly!

Psst…is absolutely FREE to be registered as Yipps Wanted Merchant!!!



8. I would like to know more about Yippi/ Yipps Wanted

Awesome! Simply click on the link below to discover more about the upcoming super ecosystem app!



9. How Referrer get their 7% Yipps Bonus?

Referrer will get 7% from total Yipps Rebate received by Referee in Yipps Wanted Program.

10. What is the Yipps Value in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)?

1 Yipps x 0.6 = RM0.6

11. Calculation

12. Find out how we can help